Monday, July 6, 2009

stuff keeps happening

When I can get internet I like to update myself on the news, and given that I spent most of last week in an information blackhole this weekend was particularly exciting. Palin's resignation and rumored indictment of embezzlement, Obama's trip to Russia and other events just continue to happen. It's exciting in a way to catch up on all of it, but I'm spoiled by the instant access to info that I normally get in the states. Lot of stuff going on, though.

First, the Palin thing. This seems to be some kind of republican political free-fall year. If I didn't have such faith in the venality and hypocrisy of many within the GOP I would think that it was part of some grand plan on their part...I am glad she's stepping down and I hope these rumored indictments come down and she's found guilty. It's a shitty way to view a fellow human being but she's everything that's wrong with our political system. The woman is a walking caricature of the American Grotesque. The uneducated and proud of it, gun loving, hypocritical, jingoistic American that people in other countries like to tout as the norm. Her downfall will give hopefully gives brief respite from her on the national stage and maybe the citizens of Alaska can get someone less awful in their statehouse.

Another interesting little article I found earlier today was an article in the new york times questioning the effectiveness of job retraining programs. I am starting to understand more why natural and physical scientists hate the vast majority of science reporting done today. The article's main thrust is that jobs retraining is basically gambling. It makes one or two decent qualifications, mainly that retraining can't work without job growth, a no brainer and that's something that the stimulus plan is trying to address, and that shorter retraining programs often don't pay off because they don't give their participants truly essential, new skills. The second part is a more specific and legitimate critique but I feel the main thrust of the article was a bit off. There are very few if any states that only push jon retraining as the answer. Even in Michigan, where the article focuses on, while retraining is in high demand the state is trying to encourage job growth in other industries and, as I mentioned earlier, the stimulus plan should help to stimulate job growth over the next year. Also, as an aside, the article mentions a dept of labor study looking at retraining but does not provide a link or reference, bad show nytimes, you can do better. I'm gonna find this report and take a look at it. But as someone studying development, I feel they give job training a short shrift and focusing only on Michigan as an example certainly skews the data. So, to my all biologists, chemists, and pharmacologists that have their studies mangled by the media, I feel you.

Supposed to be heading to Lagos at some point later this week. I'm excited. Jess and I are staying at one of her former classmate's apartment, he kindly offered to put us up and take us around. So, I'm gonna see what kind of debauchery and fun the big city can offer. Also, I had to take my hair out, currently trying to find a spot that'll give me a good shampoo and replait...wish me luck...


Realized I did what I criticized the times for. Here is the link to the jobs training article if you can't find it: Job Retraining May Fall Short of High Hopes

Also, cannot find the damn report they mention. the dept of labor's website is a piece of shite


Palin is apparently not being investigated for a rumored embezzlement scheme, according to the FBI in Alaska. Makes her move all the more perplexing now.


Lauren said...

Don't let anyone mess your hair up, please. And don't get into too much trouble in Lagos!

Cynthia said...

I say wash the hair, put it in a hair tie and call it a day until you get home. I do not trust those people over there!! Relative to the dingbat in Alaska, I am oh so waiting for TMZ et al to shake out the truth from this breathless idiot!!! Her rambling "apathetic" speech was painful to endure.

Frank said...

have the kids tried to take pictures with your hair yet?

on another note... UFC 100 this weekend:

lesnar vs. mir
GSP vs. alves
Henderson vs. bisping

i'm pumped.